Joliet H.O.G. is using the GroupMe tool for members to communicate with other members. GroupMe works with Android and iOS smartphones, the app is available to download through your app store. GroupMe can also be used through any web browser. The app is free and registering an account is free.

GroupMe Desktop/Web Browser
GroupMe Mobile App

The application is private and there are no privacy settings. There is no advertising and your personal information is not sold or used for any other purpose. To join the Joliet H.O.G. Chapter board, active members need to send and email to requesting to be added. An email invitation will be sent back to you with a link to accept (it may take a day or two).

Once your account is created, you can choose to receive text messages or push notifications to your smartphone using the app, or both. You can post messages, photos, videos or even your current location from a smartphone.

Planning a ride and want some company? Just post a message to the board to let everyone know when and where to meet. Please note however, that unless specified otherwise, hosting or attending these rides are not to be considered chapter events.

For more information, visit then set up an account, download the app and send an email request to or to join the Joliet H.O.G. Chapter #1025 board.


For those of you who enjoy posting, sharing, and communicating on Facebook, we also have a Facebook group for members as well. The group is used along with GroupMe to announce events, share rides, and communicate with fellow chapter members.

The group is located at