Group Riding

By Todd Bogenrief

museum9_1Whether you are an experienced rider or a brand new rider riding in a group can be challenging. If everyone is not on the same page with what is going on it can create problems, and a small problem at 55 miles per hour can be dangerous. With that in mind though, group riding is often a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It gives us a chance to meet up, ride to fun locations, and share the experience of wind and road together.

This article does not seek to reinvent the wheel of group riding, but provide some basic guidelines for what to expect in a group ride, specifically for our HOG chapter. In my experience though, these basic procedures are fairly common among other groups as well, and may help know what to expect when riding with them as well. Be warned though, that is not always the case and when riding with a new group be sure to be familiar with their group etiquette for your safety as well as theirs.

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