Group Riding

By Todd Bogenrief

museum9_1Whether you are an experienced rider or a brand new rider riding in a group can be challenging. If everyone is not on the same page with what is going on it can create problems, and a small problem at 55 miles per hour can be dangerous. With that in mind though, group riding is often a rewarding and enjoyable experience. It gives us a chance to meet up, ride to fun locations, and share the experience of wind and road together.

This article does not seek to reinvent the wheel of group riding, but provide some basic guidelines for what to expect in a group ride, specifically for our HOG chapter. In my experience though, these basic procedures are fairly common among other groups as well, and may help know what to expect when riding with them as well. Be warned though, that is not always the case and when riding with a new group be sure to be familiar with their group etiquette for your safety as well as theirs.

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Thoughts on Dinner Rides

A lot of times, that is what it feels like the logo should be for dinner rides. I feel though that dinner rides are a nice casual way to get together every so often, get some good grub and get to know each other. As we look out at the snow and ice while dreaming about riding again, this is a good time to plan what kind of rides we want to do once it thaws out.

One of the biggest complaints that I heard last year was the timing of the rides, sometimes too early, sometimes too late, or a certain day of the week was not good. Planning for the new year, as one of the road captains myself, I think we will try to be more flexible in any “planned” dinner rides. Maybe not stuck to one particular day of the week or time.

There is another option when planning out dinner rides as well – if you have a favorite place that you want to go, contact one of the road captains or ride activities officer and we can help plan out a ride as well.

If you want, you can even lead a ride by just posting on GroupMe when you want to go, where you want to go, and where to meet up. Maybe only one other person will show up, or maybe twenty will, but either way it will be a fun way to meet more chapter members, make new friends, reacquaint with old friends, or just get out and ride.

Comment below if you have a favorite place you would like to go this year, a good day of the week for you, or any of your own thoughts about dinner rides.